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Climate-Smart Agriculture

Duration: 03 weeks / Tuition Fees: 5 000 €


Tunis from 08 to 26 October 2018


Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is an increasingly appreciated approach that aims at ensuring food security, increasing the resilience of agricultural systems to climate change while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. CSA is facing various challenges that could hamper its implementation. This course addresses the interlinked challenges of agriculture and climate change in a holistic and interdisciplinary manner approaching CSA from various angles including animal & plant sciences, politics & governance, and business & finance.


This training course aims to enhance the knowledge of development cooperation practitioners and consultants on Climate Finance and Climate Smart Agriculture objectives and to generate the capacities to appraise climate change mitigation potentials.

Course Outline

  • Understanding the scientfic foundations of climate change
  • Understanding the link between climate change and development
  • Integrating climate change: strenthening institutions and capacities
  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Climate smart approaches and policies
  • Examples of climate-smart agriculture production systems
  • Case studies and simulation exercises

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