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Institutional Support

Institutional strengthening is a high priority for CODEV International. It has always been an essential and central element of its activity since its inception.

CODEV International primary role is to provide guidance and support to all its mentees based on their unique developmental needs and promote positive outcomes.

Mentoring has long been recognized as a powerful tool in career development. Through a continuous process of institutional support and capacity building, CODEV supports, advises and assists mentees to gain sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally and acquire capacities to translate values and strategies into productive actions.

CODEV is present in several sectors of activities for instance public administration, communication, improvement of business climate, Environment and Agriculture etc…

Our institution is on a successful track with regard to institutional support. CODEV International will always continue to provide support and invest in strengthening human and institutional capacity across Africa.

CODEV in the service of public administration :

Public administration is a major force for bringing stability in society and a crucial element in developing nations. Seeking to contribute effectively to the development and improvement of public policies and state governance systems our institution has placed public administration sector at the scale of its priorities.

Since its creation, CODEV International has pursued its mission to contribute to the emergence of an efficient public sector by helping governments, both at central and sub-national levels, in the implementation of Results Based Management (RBM) while offering innovative solutions to promote the quality of public programs and services.

CODEV International is today an institution that provides support and expertise to many public organizations, including cross-sectoral and sectoral ministries, deconcentrated or decentralized public-sector organizations, parastatal organizations, state-owned companies, technical and financial partners, etc.

Our institution has the objective to promote the development process through a rich and diverse range of consulting services, training programs and decision support systems.

Mainstreaming Climate Change into National Development :

Climate change poses a serious challenge to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. It is a major challenge at both national, regional levels. It will certainly affect all ecosystems as well as all human societies in different ways and in different degrees. It is therefore important to manage climate change risks as part of our development approach.

CODEV International provides policy and capacity development services on climate change to support developing countries to respond to climate change impacts and to integrate climate risks into national planning.

Mainstreaming (or integrating) climate change in planning and decision making processes is a crucial tool to ensure climate change adaptation. This approach involves taking into account risks and opportunities while putting in place adaptation measures that are attuned to the long-term vision of development.

Through these services, CODEV International is seeking to support national and sub-national governments to transform their development path to a low-emission and ecologically sustainable future.

It is within this framework that CODEV International has provided irreproachable support to various institutions to assist them in the implementation of strategies for adaptation to climate change.

The main beneficiaries of our services:
  • Ministry for Land Management and Community Development – Niger
  • Subprogram of the Central West Region of the National Partnership Program for Sustainable Land Management CPP-RCOS (Burkina Faso)
  • Strategic Climate Resilience Program (Niger)
  • FAO Representation in Senegal
  • Rural district of Hamdallaye (Niger)
  • First Sector Sub-program on Drinking Water and Sanitation (Central African Republic)

CODEV International Institute has made environmental and sustainable development issues a priority. An orientation that our institution intends to preserve and enrich in the future, thereby confirming its commitment to excellence and distinction to achieve its highest goals.

Our last interventions:

CODEV has been involved in the design, organization and implementation of several technical assistance and institutional support programs in a wide and diverse range of development sectors and in various French-speaking countries, Special efforts are made to respond effectively to the specific needs of the beneficiaries:

Reinforcement capacity mission and institutional support of the First Sector Sub-program Drinking Water and Sanitation under the ministry of Mines, Energy and Hydraulics of the Central African Republic on the integration of climate change into the planning and budgeting of national development.

The training was provided to a group of thirty-four people representing:

The Ministries of Mines, Environment, Planning, Finance, Agriculture, Livestock, Social Affairs, Equipment and Health, public structures such as the Bangui City Council, The Central African Water Distribution Company, the University of Bangui, the National Agency for Water and Sanitation, the Coordination Unit and representatives of The Water and Sanitation Association for Africa .

Implementation of an institutional capacity-building program for the benefit of the regional organizations’ staff in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector: the west African Center for Economic and Social Studies and Experimentation, -International Association (ESCWA-AI) and the Water Resources Coordination Center (WRCC).

Nearly a hundred people attended this program from the above-mentioned structures and who have strengthened their practical knowledge and skills in the following themes:

Legal structure, from 20th to 24 February 2017

Finance & Administration, 20th to 24 February 2017

Human Resources, from February 27, 2017 to March 01, 2017

Procurement, from 02 to 04 March 2017

Project management, 27 to 31 March 2017

Projects Evaluation, from 03 to 07 April 2017

Provision of technical assistance services for DPE executives (Department of Public Enterprises attached to the Ministry of Finance of Burundi) in order to appropriate and control the process of privatization of Public Enterprises.

Two capacity-building missions in the conduct of the privatization process of public enterprises were carried out:

  • 1st mission: training a panel of four experts, from 05 to 16 December 2016
  • 2nd mission: Training of five experts, from 09 to 20 January 2017

Provision of technical assistance services for the African Water Association AAE / AFWA, headquartered in ABIDJAN, Republic of Côte d’Ivoire through capacity building sessions for its staff

These trainings have enabled the organization to acquire more autonomy, professionalism, technical, organizational and managerial capacities to manage projects and programs with high performance.

During this mission, CODEV INTERNATIONAL was responsible for designing, developing and delivering the following three documents:

  • A Strategic Plan 2018-2022
  • A Program Management Manual
  • A strategy document for the implementation of income-generating activities.

Design, preparation and execution of technical assistance and training missions for Mauritanian government officials as part of the Public Sector Capacity Building Project:

  • Technical assistance and training of 350 mentees from the public procurement reform
  • Implementation of a program consisting of seven training sessions for 200 agents and managers from The Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization.
  • Implementation of a program consisting of four training sessions on behalf of 100 agents and executives in the Public Finance sector.
Post training support

Our institute ensures that all mentees, regardless of where they are located have access to all the information needed. Thus, we offer a continuous and personalized support for a whole year starting from the ending date of the training session.

It was an excellent decision to have participated in your seminar and to have met your knowledgeable staff supervising the participants. I was surrounded by encouragement, motivation and attention.

Statistician / Planner , PPCR Strategic Coordination Unit, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Republic of Niger
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