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Managing and leading Strategic communication

Duration: 02 weeks / Tuition Fees: 4 000 €


Tunis from 06 to 17 August 2018


The Strategic Communications Management and Leadership program looks at current issues facing leaders, providing a forum to discuss latest thinking and best practices. It emphasizes the essential communication skills needed to lead organizations today, both relational and technical. Additionally the course develops skills in using emerging communication tools and techniques from successful companies. Participants will also discuss research from renowned think tanks and consultancies, asking how conclusions relate to their own organizations.


Gaining understanding and commitment to the effort required leading an organization or team in a new direction is never easy. Even experienced leaders in well-known companies make mistakes, under-communicating, sending inconsistent messages, or failing to explain clearly. This workshop explores solutions to the communications challenges leaders currently face

Course Outline

  • Introduction to communication
  • Communication tools and plans
  • Internal communication
  • External communication
  • Dealing with the media and stakeholders
  • Simulation exercises and group discussions

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