CODEV - Professional Development Institute

Training Seminars

Monitoring and evaluation of development programs and projects
Tunis from 05 to 23 March 2018 / Tunis from 01 to 19 October 2018

Leadership: Managing teams to achieve change
Tunis from 02 to 13 July 2018

Managing and leading Strategic communication
Tunis from 06 to 17 August 2018

Behavior change communication
Tunis from 03 to 21 September 2018

Climate-Smart Agriculture
Tunis from 08 to 26 October 2018

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
Tunis from 08 to 26 October 2018

Resettlement Action Plan
Paris from 12 to 30 November 2018

Our assets

Meeting with professional mentors

The aim of these appointments organized by CODEV International is to promote mentee’s capabilities and skills acquisiation. Thus, preparing each participant to face current and future professional challenges.

Participation in conferences and fairs

We offer our mentees the opportunity to attend conferences and fairs in order to raise awareness about a particular theme and to enhance their capacity building process.

On-site visits

Anxious to bring a better value to its services, CODEV International has a key role to play in the implementation of lively technical workshops by professionals and visits to major sites to promote the exchange of practises and experiences.

Practical approach

CODEV International has the objective to promote career growth by acquiring resources and integrating them in a way that leads to change in individual behaviour and ultimately to more efficient and effective operations.

Customized Trainings

A career guidance tool toward success

Whether your business is in need of a customized training program, CODEV International is ready to help. We will present you with options that are in line with your specific training goals and timeframe; our customized trainings offer quality, cost-effective training services within the convenience of your facility.


Monitoring and evaluation of development programs and projects

Tunis from 05 to 23 March 2018 / Tunis from 01 to 19 October 2018

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Leadership: Managing teams to achieve change

Tunis from 02 to 13 July 2018

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Managing and leading Strategic communication

 Tunis from 06 to 17 August 2018
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Behavior change communication

 Tunis from 03 to 21 September 2018
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Climate-Smart Agriculture

 Tunis from 08 to 26 October 2018
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Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

 Tunis from 08 to 26 October 2018
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Resettlement Action Plan

Paris from 12 to 30 November 2018

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Our mentees are our most important assets

For the trust and confidence you put in us every year, we are devoted to offering you the best training programs that can be applied in a wide array of operating businesses.

Post training support

Our institute ensures that all mentees, regardless of where they are located have access to all the information needed. Thus, we offer a continuous and personalized support for a whole year starting from the ending date of the training session.


CODEV in the world

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
Borj Cedria Science and Technology Park Development Project
CPP-RCOS Sub-Program – Burkina Faso
Mali Reconstruction and Economic Recovery
Ministry of Territorial Planning and Major Works – Republic of Congo
Road Authority – MALI
Power Sector Adjustment Project – Guinea
PSD Financial and Private Sector Development Project – Burundi
ENEO The Energy of Cameroon
Ministry of Community and Territorial Development – Niger
Mayor’s Office Niamey – Niger
Ivory Coast – Agriculture Sector Support Project
Food Security Support Project (PASA) – Guinea-Bissau
Minister of Commerce of SMEs, crafts, tourism and formalization – Djibouti
Rural commune of Hamdallaye – Niger
Broadcasting Ivorian Television – Ivory Coast
Vlir-UOS – Belgium
Petroleum Research and Exploitation Company in Tunisia
Commissions of Control of Public Procurement – Mauritania
Ministry of Planning, Spatial Planning and Community Development – Niger
Equipment project of the new Tunisian television house – Tunisia
World Bank
ABGE / Comoros- Good Economic Governance Support
Dakar Urban Transport Executive Board- CETUD / Senegal
Microfinance Institutions Network – RIM / Burundi
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Ivory Coast
Greater Tunis Flood Control Project- Tunisia
PROCAPEC Savings and Credit Union Promotion Agency-Mauritania
Integrated rural development project for Mo plain (PDRI-Mo)– Togo
National Transitional Council – CNT / Central African Republic
Integrated Reforestation Project -Tunisia
Projet d’Appui à la Promotion de l’Emploi et de la Décentralisation – Mauritanie
Ministry of Livestock – Niger
Japan International Cooperation Agency
Ministry of Social Affairs, Childhood, and the Family MASEF / Mauritania
Aid for Trade Program – AIDCOM / RDC
Gabès-Medenine Trans-Maghrebin Corridor Construction Project – Tunisia
The Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines– Mauritania
Ministry of Rural and Urban Hydraulics– MHUR / Tchad
Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel– CILSS
Elongo Elonga
Urban Water Supply Project– Tunisia
Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy – Mauritania
Programme for Decentralised Rural Development– PRODABO / Tchad
Cotonou Port Authority– Benin
European Union
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative – EITI / Mauritania
Securing Pastoral Land Systems Project – PSSFP-RGF / Niger
Tunisia – Treated Wastewater Quality Improvement Project
Public Sector Capacity Building Project – PRECASP / Mauritania
The cabinet of the Ministry of Health in Burkina Faso
Togocel – Togo
Sustainable Agricultural Development support program in the DOSSSO – PADAD / Niger Region
Coordination and Monitoring Office of the Sino-Congolese Program – DR CONGO
Mali – Governance and Budget Decentralization Technical Assistance Project
Literacy and Apprenticeship Program – PALAM / Mauritania
Tunisian Navigation Company – Tunisia
Conakry electricity network rehabilitation and extension project – PREREC 2 / Guinea
Cabinet TSHITEMBO & Associates – RD CONGO
Mauritanian Public Works and Employment Execution Agency
Ministry of Hydraulics and Sanitation – Niger
Tany Meva Foundation – Madagascar
Development Project Financial and Private Sector (PSD)– Ministry of Finance / Burundi
National Industrial and Mining Company– Mauritania
Enhanced Integrated Framework – CIR / Chad
Prime Minister’s Office – Niger
The Association for the Promotion of Exports of Ivory Coast
National Hydrocarbons Commission – Mauritania
Italian-Tunisian oil exploitation company – Tunisia
United Nations Development Program
African development bank
Ministry of Economy, Finance, Planning, Public Portfolio and Integration
Sahelian Finance Company – SAHFI SA
National Agency for Renewable Energies – ANER / Senegal
Climate Improvement Project for Economic Activity – PACE / Mauritania
Pipeline Hydrocarbon Transport Company – Tunisia
Civil Aviation Authority – ADAC / Chad
The Program for the promotion of renewable energy
Public Contracts Regulatory Agency– ARMP/Niger
Education and Training Project – Mauritania
Fishing Communities Support Project (PACP)/Madagascar
Natural Resources Management Program – PROGRN / Mauritania
Ministry of Commerce – DR Congo
French Development Agency
Regulatory Authority for Public Procurement – Mauritania
Tunisian Company of the Refining Industries STIR
National Connectivity Project – WARCIP / Mauritania
Education Sector Program – Guinea
National Environmental Council for Sustainable Development (CNEDD)/ Niger
Fisheries Sector Advisory Support Project – Mauritania
Education Development Support Project IV – Guinea
Comoros – Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Project
Capacity Building Program for Electronic Governance – PRGE / Burundi
Inter-American Development Bank
Niger – Diffa Region Local Development Support Project (PADL – DIFFA)
PADUR. Urban Development Project
Ministry of Health – Mauritania
National Company of Oil Distribution AGIL S.A – Tunisia
Microfinance Capacity Building Program– Mauritania
Pharmaceutical Industries of Tunisia
Pastoral Hydraulic Program in Central Chad – Almy AL Afia / Chad
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development – Mauritania
Ministry of Employment, Vocational Training and Information and Communication Technology (MEFPTIC) – Mauritania
National Library of Chad – Chad
National Program for Genetic Improvement / Local Cattle – PNAG / BL Niger
Institutional Strengthening of the Mining Sector Project (PRISM) in Mauritania
Société Tunisienne D’entreprises et de Télécommunication – Tunisie
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development – Mauritania
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