CODEV International

CODEV International, an independent organization geared towards capacity building and development support missions targeting essentially the African region. We work for the public and private sectors as well as for international development agencies and institutions, we operate at all times to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.
We represent a global commitment to improve economic and social conditions, our approach is based on a belief that individuals, organizations and communities have existing strengths and assets that provide a sound basis for a positive change, we work collaboratively to build on these assets both to meet the immediate needs of current projects and to enhance the capacity of our mentees to operate more effectively in the future. In fact, our institution is highly active in almost all of the African Countries; we have an impressive network of expert consultants well recognized in their field of expertise to intervene in a complete panel of coherence.
Our Institute has the strengths to design effective solutions adapted to the different levels of responsibility and skills, both strategic and technical that enable all socio-economic factors involved to progress confidently and acquire the skills required to carry out future missions, we believe that we have the resources to help organizations make change not just plan for it.
CODEV International has the objective to promote the well-being of the African countries by acquiring resources and integrating them in a way that leads to change in individual behavior and ultimately to more efficient and effective operations of institutions and organizations.

We support and walk alongside our mentees as they proceed through the change experience.

An innovative training offer

As innovation becomes an important skill set, large organizations and institutions will strive to obtain training for their employees. We stand on the brink of an innovation training with the best tools to identify the best programs.
Our innovative training will help you develop key innovation competencies that foster organizations to think and act with more creativity, collaborate more effectively and implement new ideas more rigorously.
We impart participants with an interactive and operational training, focusing on practical work, situation analysis and case studies in addition to on-site visits to encourage the exchange of practices and experiences.

A dynamic team at your service

CODEV International is an institute eager to satisfy participants’ expectations offering an irreproachable service. We guarantee you high quality services, our experienced team is at your service to help you establish your needs and ensure that our solution matches your request.
Our team is made up of active and dynamic persons, who are always ready to assess, respond, advise, resolve and act to give the most effective answer to each specific enquiry.
Our dedication is reflected in the thoughtful and sincere efforts we make in understanding and appreciating your unique needs.
With our management professionals at your service, we engage our experts to deliver what we do best to offer you a flawless quality of service.

It would be our privilege to serve as your trusted advisors. Above all else, your needs come first.