CODEV International

CODEV International offers a range of services: consulting, expertise, training programs and decision support systems in all areas of economic and social development. Today, CODEV International is considered one of the continent's leading players in its field of capacity building development and has an impressive network of expert consultants recognized in their field of expertise to intervene on a full range of coherence and know-how.
CODEV International has three complementary businesses: Expertise, consulting and capacity building.

CODEV International's support and development interventions mainly relate to the following areas:

Technical assistance and consulting mission

ACODEV International provides unique and personalized assistance in institutional strengthening and capacity building for business The services are provided by a team of expert consultants from various backgrounds, experienced and internationally confirmed professionals with certified experience.

Capacity building programs:

CODEV International's objective is to provide high quality training and institutional support services focused on the specific problems of countries in transition.
CODEV International's consultants and expert trainers, experienced and pedagogical, share with you their field experience and know-how.
CODEV International is committed to being a true partner who is ready to accompany you to bring added value to your projects. Capacity building is an essential part of the development process.
In addition, CODEV International carries out different types of capacity building activities

  • Production of methodological and pedagogical tools - teaching manuals, guides, simulation models, case studies - and animation methods to adopt a pedagogical approach appropriate to the target audience.
  • Interventions in training engineering: setting up training programs
  • Evaluation of training programs
  • Support for the development of training strategies and policies.
  • Capacity building programs adapted to current and future issues.